Complete Makeover
This was a complete condo make-over. It featured an old Murphy bed closet that
was opened up and converted to an open bar area with granite counter tops, a
wine refrigerator, a beer refrigerator and a paneled sit-down bar on the outside.
The old lathe and plaster ceiling from the entire unit was removed to install aimed
can lights.
An entertainment system that featured an all-room surround sound system was
installed that involved insulating the unit from the upstairs unit and adding
individual amplifers to each speaker, with surround sound set-up in most rooms.
All counter tops in the unit were converted to the same granite used in the bar
and new stainless steel appliances were added to the kitchen.
This unit was trimmed with period style baseboards and a new elctric sub-panel
was installed to handle several new circuits.
A window in the living room was converted to a door that led to a roof lounge
California License #825016
415 336-3932